The famous Pálfi family and mainly the count Joseph Pálfi himself contributed strongly to the reconstruction of the medieval castle into a romantic one and to the economic growth.

This educated economist and landowner established fishing places, sawmills, farms, distilleries and he was also interested in horse breeding. He also established the Chemical factory of Joseph Pálfi, today's Chemolak.

Did you know that the Smolenice castle was a guard castle originally? It was built for this purpose in the 14th century. At first, it was owned by the king, later the Erdödy family was living there. Joseph Pálfi was the first one who decided to reconstruct the ruins into a romantic residence. You are not mistaken if it reminds you on the famous castles on Loire! The count found his inspiration exactly there and then assigned this project to Joseph Hubert - author of Bojnice castle. Nowadays, the castle is the youngest and most beautiful jewel in western Slovakia.
A landmark is the three floor tower visible from a far distance. If you overcome its ninety-nine stairs you get to the lookout terrace where we recommend a short break. Between the 2nd and 3rd floor in the gallery, there is an exposition of unique period photos from the life of the count Pálfi family. They catch both the reconstruction of the castle and the everyday life of the count family up to 1945, when the castle was put under the state control. It is owned by the Slovak Academy of Sciences since 1953.
The essential English park creates a romantic castle silhouette. The count Pálfi found his inspiration in the Scottish and English parks. There is a plenty of valuable trees and with a pond it is an ideal place for a walk, picnic or sport activities. It is said that the asphalt way was constructed within one single night when the Soviet politician Nikita Chruščov came for visit and stayed at the castle for one night.

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July - August 2020
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Adults: € 2,50
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