A little and nice one. Such is the local museum Molpír with its seat in the building of the old parsonage. It protects far history treasures and documents unusual life stories in six rooms.

Even six rooms in a seemingly small museum protect precious exhibits from a still living history. A collection of findings from the fortified hill Molpír from the 6th century b.Ch. has its stabile place in two of them. There are precious glass pearls, cannel ceramics or historical weapons.

The other two rooms are devoted to significant natives Štefan Banič, Štefan Jastrabík and Alexander Kotlán. Štefan Banič became famous in the USA at the beginning of the 20th century for his patented invention of parachute. A collection of precious books from a parsonage library is the pearl of this themed collection.

The museum familiarizes you with Mesozoic and Tertiary fossils from the Smolenice surroundings, with fauna and flora of Little Carpathians and with a unique collection of butterflies and village ethnography.

The folk room from the 19th century reveals you the fact what was a former bride's dowry and how the houses of our grand moms looked like. You find various authentic things, tools and folklore costumes among the exhibits.

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Opening hours:
July - August

Monday: Closed
Tuesday - Sunday: 10.00 am. - 4.00 pm.
Entrance fee:
Adults: € 2,50                                                        
Children and seniors: € 1,50

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Museum Molpír
Cintorínska 3, 919 04 Smolenice
Tel.: +421/ (0)33/ 557 11 00

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