Although Little Carpathians belong to the group of low highlands, their look is massive due to the wide flatland, which they arise from. They form the westmost mountain chain of Carpathian Arch and represent a plenty of natural structures, so they are attractive for every nature lover, hiking or sport freak and history lover.

The most natural treasures of this not a big mountain chain are concentrated near Smolenice village. The karst in Little Carpathians is represented by surface and underground phenomena. Popular with tourists are not only many springs and streams, but also an only accessible cave in Little Carpathians - cave Driny.

On the fundaments of the original Great Moravian fortified hills were created boundary castles in the 13th century. Nowadays, you can visit the fortified hill Molpír just a few metres from the village centre. The boundary castles served as protection of the Czech trade route Via Bohemica that led to Trnava and then to Buda along Smolenice. Hidden in the mountains near Smolenice, there is the ruin Ostrý kameň and a little bit further the ruin Korlátka.

These castles are crowned by the Smolenice Castle that was reconstructed from original guard castle remains into today's shape thanks to the Pálfi family that lived and ran business in Smolenice. It gained its unmistakable resemblance to the French Loire castles thanks to the travelling passion of the count Joseph Pálfi. The Smolenice castle with its English park is exactly the centre of nature trails that offer bride possibilities for cycling and hiking freaks as well as for families with children.


Smolenice Castle - Vlčiareň - Jaskyňa Driny - Smolenice, centre:
This not demanding route leads you through winding paths with several stops. Don't miss the cave Driny visit.
Route length: 6.5 km,
Difficulty: easy
Duration: 1.5 hour.


Church, cemetery - Molpír - Smolenice Castle:
At the top of Molpír you get to know the ruins of this Celtic fortified hill thanks to the information boards. Motivating are also nice views of the surrounding mountains from the stone outlooks.
Route length: 3 km,
Difficulty: easy
Duration: 1 hour.
Smolenice Castle - Vlťiareň - cave Driny - Smolenice, centre:
A hiking alternative of the cyclo route. This not demanding route leads you through winding paths with several stops.

Route length: 6.5 km,
Difficulty: easy
Duration: 2.5 hour.



Smolenice - Havrania skala - Záruby - Záruby, sedlo - Smolenice Castle:
The rock Havrania skala visible from far away offers memorable views. It is also a favourite climbing wall for young climbers.
Route length: 12 km,
Difficulty: middle,
Duration: 4 hours.
Smolenice Castle - Čertov žľab - Ostrý kameň - Čertov žľab - Smolenice Castle:
From Ostrý kameň you face a view of Carpathian peaks and region Záhorie.

Route length: 12 km,
Difficulty: difficult,
Duration: 4 hour.

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