Only five kilometres from Trnava, in the valley of the brook in Krupá, there is the village of Špačince.    Throughout the centuries it belonged to Zobor abbacy, an aristocratic family and the town of Trnava. Local church, calvary and a unique passion column serve as reminders on the old days.

Pieces of History
One of the interesting facts about Špačince is that in the 12th century, Spacha, which was the former name of this village, belonged to the Zobor abbacy that resided in Zobor by Nitra. This fact is proved by the so-called Zobor document, which was issued by king Koloman I. in 1111. In the 13th century, king Andrew III. of Hungary gave this village the count Geth. In honour of this occasion, count Geth added proudly the title de Spacai to his name, which meant Špačinský.
The Spacai count family lived in this village until 1751.
Village Achievements

Since 1932 the village has a strong bond with the world's most popular sport - football.  At one point the village even had two football clubs. Despite the disbandment of one of the clubs, it took not a long time till local footballers achieved their first success. In the 1970s the football team joined the 1.B division and stayed there until 1981.
Athlete Star

Local residents are also proud of Anna Chmeľková-Blanáriková, who was born in Špačince.   In 1966, this icon in Slovak athletics won gold in 400m race at European Championship, becoming the only medal holder of the athlete team. In addition, she was the champion in Czechoslovakia in 400m race four times and she participated in Olympic Games in Mexico in 1968.

Events in Špačince

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