If you are fed up with town noise and prefer places with a calm atmosphere, you should definitely visit Jaslovské Bohunice. You will find here a romantic atmosphere of a manor house surrounded by an English park. A mill torso evokes nostalgic memories of its former glory.

Under the Wings of an Angel
All three parts of Jaslovské Bohunice - Jaslovce, Bohunice and Panderovce - have always shared a close bond. One of the probable causes for this close relation is their common patron - St.  Michael the Archangel. The modern history of the village began in 1978, when Jaslovce and Bohunice were joined by Paderovce. This unification helped to put the initial fears of nuclear power plant construction to rest.

Manor House and Hotel
Local manor house, which was built in neo-baroque style at the end of the 18th century by count František Dezasse, has been the pride of the village. However, the look and purposes of the manor house were changing with the passing years. The single-storey manor house used for agricultural as well as residential purposes was transformed by its new owners, count Platen with his wife, into a romantic summer estate.  Today, this comfortable accommodation with unique historic atmosphere is also at your disposal.

Sense of Art
Folk habits and traditions are regularly revived by local folk ensemble Blavanka. Blavanka was formed in 2001 and its name is derived from the brook Blava flowing through the village. The ensemble's repertoire originally consisted of Slovak folk songs, but later it has been enriched by folk varieties and scenes depicting the village life in the past. Thus, the old folk habits and traditions are regularly revived. Blavanka does not perform at village festivities exclusively - it performs also in other villages and abroad.

Events in Jaslovské Bohunice

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