It is obvious where the name Biely Kostol (White Church) derives from. The church in the village of Parna on a small hill was seen from a great distance thanks to the white colour, so this name of the village gradually became known.

White church
The local Church of Christ the King is still white, although the only common thing with the original medieval one are just the basics.

Land Parna
The first mention of the village dates back to 1244, when King Belo IV. assigned to the guests of Trnava land called Parna, which represents approximately today's territory of the village. The white church is currently depicted in the coat of arms of the village. The Biely Kostol used to be a separate residence for centuries, but in 1974 it was affiliated to Trnava. This move didn't help to its development much, so in 1992 a referendum was held in which residents decided to separate.

There are currently around 2300 inhabitants in the village and this number is growing every summer. About 80 % are original settlers and the rest are residents who have moved to new areas in recent years. The village is very closely connected with Trnava that offers job opportunities, health care, culture, sports, secondary education as well as shopping possibilities.

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