It is no secret that Trnava has a nickname "town below the town".  Wine lovers surely know the meaning of this nickname. Trnava used to be one of the centres of wine trade in Hungary and wine was produced in almost every house.

Every house hides a spacious arched cellar, in many cases even a two-storey cellar! These cellars were used to store wine, which was probably transported through secret passages on wagons!

Immediately after obtaining the status of a free royal town, a construction boom started and first brick houses were built which served as substitutes for original log houses. Many of these new houses comprised arched cellars which were used for wine and food storing. Often even two-storied, these cellars became an integral part of every burgher house.
For many centuries these cellars provided excellent conditions for storing and maturing of wine. In addition, it is very probable that these cellars and other secret passages are interconnected for safety reasons - in case of a fire or siege. Another possible reason for this interconnection is that neighbours rented these cellars to each other. It is said that these passages have extended to surrounding villages.
This underground world of Trnava also includes mysterious crypts, located under churches in the historical town centre. Many important church figures and aristocrats are buried here. Furthermore, the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist is the burial place of seven members of the Esterházy family. Crypts under the St. Nicolas Basilica and the St. Jacob's Church can be visited during the week after the All Saints' Day. You can visit the crypts of other churches usually during the event The Night of Churches.


One of the oldest cellars in Trnava is currently rented by Vincech - The Association of Friends of Wine in Trnava. Due to the fact that Vincech shares these rooms with the Dobrý pocit winery, you can visit this place and admire the late Roman arch from the 13th century, or uncovered foundations of a burgher house, also from the 13th century. You can find it in the cellar of the house located in Hlavná street 5.

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