The manor house in Dolná Krupá represents the heart of this village and the most beautiful example for a rural classicist architecture in Slovakia. Noted for the family Brunsvik, musical genius Ludwig van Beethoven or for the rosarium of the countess Choteková.

A pice of history...
The count seat of Brunsvik family is located at a spacious English park. It was built at the place of an old manor house on behalf of Anton I. Brunvik. Maria Theresia made him a count with the right to use the predicate de Korompa (from Krupá). A few years later, his son Joseph reconstructed the manor house into a classicist style and added more objects: a theatre, a gardener's house, spa house and summerhouses in park.
Ludwig van Beethoven...

The Brunsvik family's manor house became a favourite place for the piano virtuoso and master of improvisation Ludwig van Beethoven. According to a family tradition, he composed his Moonlight sonata exactly here. It is probably his most known piece of art. His activity in Dolná Krupá is captured mainly in the memorial room in the baroque gardener's house.
Rose countess Maria Henrieta Choteková...

The manor Dolná Krupá was known in the whole world thanks to the roses of the countess Choteková.  Rose countess, as she was nicknamed, was growing in her rosarium more than 6 000 roses, she owned a complete collection of roses from northern countries and she exported her roses into Europe, the USA and Canada. The musical museum in Dolná Krupá organizes the event "Celebration of Roses" every year in honour of the countess.
Musical Museum in Manor House Dolná Krupá...

Since 2003, the manor house is under the administration of Slovak National Museum - Musical Museum that documents the development of Slovak musical formation. There is a permanent exposition devoted to the Brunsvik and Chotek's families, Albrecht family's memorial room and Ludwig van Beethoven's memorial room. Concerts and even marriages are organized in the concert room with an original fresco decoration.

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Opening hours:
June - September 2020

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Adults: € 2.00
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October 2020 - April 2021
Tuesday - Friday: 8.00 am - 3.30 pm., the last visit starting at 1.30 pm.
Saturday - Sunday: upon a phone agreement

The castle park is open to the public free of charge daily from 8:00 to 20:00.

Weekend admission at 15 o'clock must be arranged in advance by telephone during normal working hours (Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 15:30). Immediate orders on the day of the visit cannot be made. The number of group members is 5 people.

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