The Smolenice Castle belongs with its majestic tower and lookout terrace to the youngest and most important jewels of western Slovakia. Fortified courtyard, towers, citadels or English park create a special magic like in a fairy tale.

From history...
The original guard castle from the 14th century built for protecting the Little Carpathian border passes and the Czech road was reconstructed into the Smolenice Castle later. The Pálfi family were its owners since 1777. Joseph Pálfi was the first one who decided to reconstruct the ruins into a romantic residence.

The castle has been the seat of Slovak Academy of Sciences, of the Congress Centre since 1953. Although it is not open to the public all year round, the summer months July and August are exception. Then, visitors have the chance to see the beautifully equipped representative rooms of the castle like the red or blue lounge, the golden room or the castle library. When touring the castle, you ascend to the three floor lookout tower, from which you have a gorgeous view of the whole Smolenice surrounding. English park disappearing in a thick forest growth enhances the romantic castle silhouette.
Pálfi family and their life at the castle...

Photographs in the gallery between the second and third floor of the lookout tower catch the everyday life of the count family and the progressive construction of the castle. Smolenice became the place for the resting place for Pálfi family - you find their family tomb in the local cemetery. This educated economist and landowner established fishing places, sawmills, farms, distilleries and he was also interested in horse breeding.  He also established the Chemical factory of Joseph Pálfi, today's Chemolak.

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Opening hours:
July - August 2020
Monday - Sunday: 10 am - 6 pm
Tours every hour.
Entrance fee:
Adults: € 2,50
Children up to 12 years: € 1,50
Seniors: € 1,50

Video: Smolenic castle (© Matej Chrvala)

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Smolenice Castle
Zámocká č. 18, 919 04 Smolenice
Tel.: +421/ (0)33/ 558 61 91

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