The construction of the town fortification was the most significant construction project in the whole Hungary in those times. The town fortification delimiting the town area represents a construction rarity not only in Slovakia, but also in the Middle Europe. The reason are long preserved parts of fortification.

The biggest town fortification in Hungary...
The construction of the fortification commenced in the first half of the 13th century. It was much easier to use bricks, because the nearest stone mine was located in Little Carpathians.  About 4.3 million bricks were used during the construction, which meant that it was the most important construction project in Hungary.   There are only a few places in Slovakia that can boast such long parts of preserved fortification. Trnava is proudly one of them.
Fortification System...

At first the square defensive towers were built. Later a moat was dug and the soil was used to build a temporary wall between towers until a proper wall was finished. The town was accessible through four gates and walls were guarded by hired guardians led by a captain. The town fortification served its purpose until the 18th century.
Conquest of Trnava...

Despite its powerful fortifications, Trnava was conquered several times.  Přemysl Otakar II., king of Bohemia, managed to conquer the town in 1271 and 1273. It was followed by the infamous capture by the Hussites, and in later years Maximilian von Habsburg managed with his large army to seize the city. The walls managed to withstand the vicious attack, but were severely damaged.

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Not even the time itself has destroyed the town walls, and therefore you have the opportunity to spot them with your own eyes even today. You can admire them while having a stroll through the streets and alleys such as Michalská street, Horné bašty, or Františkánska street.

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The historical bastion at Bernolák's Gate under administration of Mercenery Company of Trnava
Bastion Tour on each first Saturday of month from 10.00 am. to 2.00 pm.

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Free entrance.

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