A family winery that became a registered producer of bio wine in 2015. They step to their creation with respect, humility and responsibility towards people and environment.

Roots of Winery Magula
The winery history dates back up to 1931 when the family tradition was started by Jozef Husár when he bought a field for a vineyard.  After studying accessible findings he planted a modern vineyard at that time. He replaced hard physical work with team of horses thanks to steel wool of a Moser type. That's why he was damned by the village people at that time. They didn't like that he pulled iron into vineyard and left big gaps between lines.
Follow-up from 2001
The story continued at the time of restitution, when the field with the planted vineyard came back to the hands of the family. At this time, the winery ran on a magic land, on the hill between the Wolf Valley and Pink Valley, where had been one of many monasteries before. Nowadays, there is just a chapel of Virgin Mary of Lourdes, where the winery has its wine cellar.
In 2007, the Magula family planted on the great-grandfather's field a hectare of frankovka that gave them its first regular harvest in 2011. 
Also the Magula family went through a dilemma and a plenty of decisions about the winery future. They found their inspiration thanks to natural wines from the winery Strekov 1075 and also wines from Austrian wine makers, produced from grapes grown in bio-dynamic vineyards.
Today, they grow their grape in a bio-regime and they take action in cellar only minimally. They create optimal conditions for wine and let enough time for its maturing.
„We realized that we became wine makers when the wine drinking became a hard work for us.“ (Magula family in 2010)

LET'S EXPERIENCE                        

Wine Degustation and Winery Tour
Let's experience a family atmosphere in this extraordinary winery together with their members and enjoy authentic visit of a vineyard with a rich history. You can taste wines produced exclusively from their own grapes that has been grown in great conditions of loess soil with a big contain of minerals, mainly calcium.

MAGULA family winery has grown their sorts in three vineyards: Pink Valley - Hugo's Vineyard, Pink Valley - Maxim's Vineyard and Wolf Valley - Old Vineyards.
Degustation takes place directly in the winery to which also vineyards belong and even the wine cellar itself. You won't miss bio wines at degustation that family Magula boast officially from 2015. 

Booking your degustation in advance is necessary.

Rarity of Magula winery
The Magula family take pride in the idea that wine is made in vineyard. That's why they produce wine exclusively from their own grapes. Their original conditions secure birth of big red wines and birth of full and spicy white wines. Huge root system creates conditions for complex and interesting grapes. A plenty of sunny days enables grapes to mature perfectly. The aim of Magula winery is to grow natural and healthy grapes with vital yeast microflora and bacteria on skin, rich and balanced complex of substances in berries, containing no rests of chemical preparations. Since 2015, the winery boasts a certified eco-production. They put emphasis on sorts that have a strong sort character and ability to reflect terroir specifications at the same time, giving the wines suitable for archiving.

They plan to plant 10 hectares of vineyards all together that will enable to produce 50 - 60 000 bottles of top quality wine.

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MAGULA Family winary
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