Malý Berlín - Little Berlin is an independent cultural centre, the only one in Trnava and broader region. It is based in historical town core on the first floor of the reconstructed town house.

The cultural centre Malý Berlín is a project of the civic association which has been active in Trnava since 2006. After five years of renovating the town house in the historic centre of the town, the cultural centre was opened in early March 2018.

300 to 350 events for all ages are organized in its two halls every year. The programme includes mostly theatre, concerts and literature but there are also various educational activities, discussions, conferences and multi-genre projects.

Why the title Little Berlin? The name Little Rome knows everyone, even outside Trnava. It refers to the history and a little bit to the present of the town. Little Berlin on the other hand should refer to the future that is for Trnava also in development of culture and creative industry. And today is Berlin considered as the centre of independent culture in Europe.

For whom is the programme in the centre specified? For everybody, really. It's not only a place just for alternative culture and art. It tries to catch the needs and specifics of particular spectator groups already so that it can prepare an interesting programme on appropriate days and times.

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Opening hours:
30 minutes before programme starts

Admission fee:
depending on the actual event

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Kultúrne centrum Malý Berlín

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