The most representative building, symbolising the power of the town, is situated just a few metres from the square, surrounded by impressive burgher houses. It has been reconstructed several times, keeping up with the period style, and its appearance has reflected various architectural elements of past 500 years.

For years historians wrongly believed that the original building of the town hall had been lost because of its several reconstructions. They cleared up the original location of the Town Hall as well as its social importance thanks to the research performed at the end of the 20th century. Nowadays, we can be sure that the first municipal building in Trnava at the end of the 14th century was the West Wing, peeping behind the Town Hall Chapel in the forecourt.  The Town Hall functioned as a market as well as a law enforcement building - the town jail and a pharmacy built parts of the building.

Nowadays, the Town Hall consists of 4 wings, with street wing being the most splendid. Not everyone knows that this classical building was the most frequently renovated part of the complex, and therefore is the youngest part of the Town Hall. The last reconstruction was carried out in the middle of the 20th century, when the main building was expanded - a corner burgher house with painted facade was added. The most splendid element of the building is the balcony, supported by Tuscan pillars, as well as several Art Nouveau decorative elements giving the building a tender look. Take a look at the facade when entering the forecourt. You will see extremely valuable coat of arms of the town with the face of Jesus Christ - at least as historians believe.

During the archaeological research in Town Hall of Trnava that was carried out in 2002, a cesspit from the 15th century was discovered directly under the floor of the current town hall chapel. Not only the rich inventory from the transformation period of the town in the 15th century was found here, but also a complete skeleton of a young man, a bronze ring, and a small amount of money. It was hidden under a lead panel that had been used to cast munition. In addition, a bronze town seal with the coat of arms was found right next to the skeleton. It is believed, that it was a premeditated murder. Even after so many years, the building of Town Hall keeps revealing secrets, that give not only archeologists the heebie-jeebies.

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