Even after so many centuries, the maze of unchanged medieval streets and alleys of Trnava tells the story of hustle and prosperity of the town00.  Inspiration at every step, history streaming from walls of burgher houses and majestic cathedrals - get surprised by things you will find during your visit to Little Rome.

Kapitulská street is considered to be the oldest street in Trnava. Besides the fact that it is lining the St. Nicolas square,  which was the first witness of the newly born town of Trnava,  it has also a unique atmosphere thanks to the well-preserved architecture of old burgher houses. In addition, a beautiful park where you can relax and have a rest is stretching through the middle of the street. Kapitulská street has two main landmarks - the St. Nicolas Basilica and The Western Slovak Museum, which is located on the other side of the street.
While strolling through Michalská, Horné Bašty and Františkánska streets, you can admire the town walls which are even 10 m tall at certain points. You can comfortably enjoy the beauty of the most preserved fortification in Slovakia. While enjoying your romantic walk we recommend you to visit the Haulíkova, Hviezdoslavova, Hollého, Jeruzalemská, Horné Bašty and Invalidská streets, which run to the St. Nicolas Basilica.

For better orientation we prepared a map with marked localities and points of interest that you could encounter during your walks.

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Stadtplan - Trnava