Víno Tirnavia International Wine Competition is the biggest wine feast in Trnava. It brings its visitors a unique experience thanks to degustation of the most various top/class medal wines from Slovakia and abroad that were awarded by a prestigious international jury.

Víno Tirnavia is considered to be the best, most innovative but also most strict Slovak wine competition that has become the leader in introduction of new modern elements into the evaluating system. It is the first competition in Slovakia that enables winemakers to decide whether they want to decant their wines and when before the evaluation. Thanks to this approach are the wines that can't present themselves in all their beauty just after opening the bottle better evaluated. That's why the winemakers try to register their best wines into the competition that would stay probably underestimated.

The 16th year brings traditionally a high standard level. 
The public has the chance to taste the selection of the best mainly thanks to the wine festival. Culinary specialities add the wine offer and a musical programme livens the day up.

Important information

Date and time of event:
The event was canceled for 2020.
Free entrance!

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Place of event
Courtyard of the town hall
Main st., Trnava


Wein Tirnavia 2019