Nymphs, water sprite and other fairytale creatures wait at the Smolenice Castle for the smallest ones on a route full of adventure every year to spend the International Children's Day with them.

The park changes into a fairytale forest on June the 5th this year! More than ten stations where children have fun but also compete, line the road to the most beautiful castle in western Slovakia. This becomes the home for a fairytale queen and king who welcome children after finishing their adventurous exploration.
There are several interesting topical stations full of games, adventure and memorable experiences for the small and also the big ones. They have to overcome hard tasks on their way that prove not only their physical ability but also rack their brains. Reward is a due sweetness from the king and queen directly in the courtyard of Smolenice Castle. But be careful when walking through the fairytale forest. There are various fairytale creatures lurking - nymphs, princess, water sprites and also bandits or witches.
Come and enjoy a nice afternoon with your family, have fun and relax in a picturesque setting of the Little Carpathians. Also parents remember this funny, sometimes scary walking through fairytale forest nostalgically. After all, this favourite event for children has been organized more than 20 years already!

Important information

Date and time of event:
The event was canceled for 2020.
Entry fee for child:
€ 2,00

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Place of event
Area of the chateau park, Smolenice


The road throug fairy forest 2019