Only once a year, you have the chance to discover a winy "town below the town" hidden in the underground. For the 12th time, the historical medieval wine cellars are going to be fulfilled with the heady drink - wine.

The famous tradition of wine making in Trnava livens up in Trnava every year thanks to the Open Wine Cellars Day. It has revealed the underground rooms of ancient cellars to wine lovers for more than eleven years already, so that they discover Trnava and the hidden "town below the town" with a wine glass in hand.
According to a document from 1278, Trnava as a free royal town owned highly productive vineyards in Hungary, reaching from today's Rača up to Svätý Jur. Wine belonged to the most important trade commodities and people needed to store it somewhere. So they built huge cellars and you have the chance to discover them on this day.
Accept the invitation for strolling through mysterious streets of historical centre and get attracted by sensual fragrance and even more heady taste of wines produced with the biggest love and care like a wine maker can offer, in authentic rooms that drag you deeper step by step into the famous wine making tradition in Trnava. Taste well known and also unknown wine sorts and reveal the secret of a good wine.

Important Information

Date and time:
November 9, 2019 | 1pm - 9pm
Historic brasseries in Trnava town

Winepass price:
€ 30 including 2 € 5 bonuses for wine purchase
Winepass orders:
pre-sale starting September 20 at

Tickets pickup and sale:
from November 1, 2019

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Place of event
Trnava - historic brasseries according to the list in the winepass


Open wine cellars day 2019

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